Read: the author argues that is pointless to have a 3D printer at every

Read: the author argues that is pointless to have a 3D printer at every home and that this will lead to more waste in our homes.

What is your point of view in this topic?

i can partially agree, some will find it a novelty and hence produce stuff that are just wasteful. some exploit it to over produce items to maximize financial gain. only the more serious users will truly up their own “level” of print and become more and more efficient and only print things that are really required. however, as more and more hobby kits are sold for profit all over the world, at any level, the calibration stage of printing will definitely waste a high amount of materials. it is like a mini factory, all test runs are bound to be wasteful.

I think it’s completely off and will be seen the same as the people who said “the automobile is a novelty (banker to Henry Ford lawyer)” and, “television won’t last. (20th Century Fox)” It’s the view of a person whose mind stops at what is before them and not at the clear indications of the earthquake-like tremors that are now occurring in manufacturing and sales. Why is manufacturing (not their jobs) leaving China and coming back to the US? Because automated manufacturing has reduced labor to not be the driving force in costs. Distance (shipping and all the logistics which surround it) now drives it. Smart people will bet on economic drivers that continue to reduce cost and increase speed of adoption. It’s worked with DVD’s, software, and the horse carriage. Someone 50 years from now will look at a picture of me next to my printer and think, “Those were so crude but so cool. They had spools of plastic everywhere.” And I will say they smelled faintly of caramel.

not everyone needs a 3dp. That is hipster speak for “Give ME all ur moniez!” . I think an ideal situation is an amazon like business that you can order your parts and pick them up on the way home from work.
Pizza and beer is awesome no? Does every house need a pizza oven? No you order from your local pizza shop. 3dp will change the world, but not because every man woman and child has one.