Reaching goal in 4 hours !!!

(王董) #1

Reaching goal in 4 hours !!!

(Brook Drumm) #2

Elegant design. Very low price. Makes me nervous as usual. Nothing proprietary really, just open source hardware designs wrapped in a pretty package. Software is hard… Always tough to just throw that in for free. Scanning is really hard to do well and I would bet its vapor ware or really optimistic to announce at this point. Laser etching is also hard without software to make it easy… And I would never make anything that has no redundant safety features… People can damage their eyes or go blind. There is enough here to give me pause. My bet is it will be limited, not unlimited… Finite, not infinite.

If you are looking for a pretty delta printer for $499 from a company with no track record and don’t mind waiting…

Wait, those are gone, so my question is always: what will it cost when it comes to market- kickstarter pricing can be misleading. We have seen it can actually sink a company without experience. I hope $499 is the final price, then they deserve to have this go crazy. I love competition- it’s good for the customer! It’s even no problem if the price was “kickstarter low” and early adopters get rewarded- provided the company has a real product, business model, customer service and staying power to continue to serve their audience.

Did I mention I really like the design. I have never liked deltas for a few key reasons but that’s a personal preference. They are incredibly fun to watch though!

My true hope is that they hit it out of the park, but I’m putting my money on a very rocky start due to slim margins and over promising all the kitchen sink features. Slick campaigns are a dime a dozen. delivering 3d printers that work well and are easy to use at $499 is really hard. Delivering a 3d printer / scanner / laser etcher Dynamo that is easy to use (and safe) with software software software is next to impossible in my book.

I say buyer beware. I think you may get a very pretty printer that may print very well… Not much more. But that in itself may be a win for you. You could do worse!


(Ariel Yahni (UniKpty)) #3

@Brook_Drumm are u working on a Delta?

(王董) #4

@Brook_Drumm dont worry, lots its backers also from taiwan, we will keep close watch in this company work.

(John Davis) #5

Clearly the creators and backers didn’t read this:

(Evan Nguyen) #6

They’ve managed to price the product before identifying the suppliers and getting quotes for the components. Amazing. Where do I sign up?

(Brook Drumm) #7

Nope. Not a delta fan. Never built one. No plans to. Curious, yes.

(Chris Rennie) #8

@John_Davis Fascinating article, places it all into perspective +1