Raster GCode generation bug / xregexp.js

Hello all,
I’m using @easytarget frontend, and recently I found what may be a regression bug. I’m just dropping a PNG file on the workspace and proceed with raster GCode generation. The GCode progress bar is stuck at 98% and there is this error in Chrome developper console:

Is it a known issue?

Ok I think I know a bit what is going on.
In my GCode I have piercing function when turning on the laser in LASER TOOL ON GCODE. For that piercing, I use GCode like G1 Z-5 $INTENSITY F2000 and the raster doesn’t like this. Even if I comment out that line the GCode generator trips on it, I have to remove the line completely.

Now while I think this is a bug, this highlights another issue. I definitely don’t need piercing when trying to do raster op. Short term workaround is creating another machine for raster operation which doesn’t have the piercing consideration. But eventually I’d like to see a toggle for piercing or settings like Mill Cut.

Side note: How is Mill Cut supposed to behave when compared to Laser Cut? The website here doesn’t say much.

This is not realy a bug. You caused it by adding $INTENSITY in the Gcode settings. This is not supported! Why do you think you need that?

The gcode generator automatically adds the S param with the Intensity to any G1-G3 command. G0 moves automatically disable the laser. If you need another letter than S for the laser power, then just change the letter in the “LASER INTENSITY” setting.

Mill cut is ment to be used with mills (>diameter) and has the feature to mill inside or outside of a contour, where it shifts the mill for 1/2 of it’s diameter and can do depths steps. Laser cut just follows the line without any depth movement.

Just to keep track, $INTENSITY is supported since PR 473.

Ok, it seems I am not up to date, sorry :wink:

It would be nice to have a piercing option included in laser cut operateions (usefull for thicker materials or plasma cutters). And the raster gcode generator needs to use the settings like cut operations already do.