Raspi Zero 2W Alternatives

I’m looking for an alternative to the Rpi Zero 2W, only because I need a tiny SBC with a UFL connector port. I don’t need a ton of horsepower, I’m only running Linux and a small program called Virtual Here.

Exhibit1 is a MangoPi MQ Pro, 1G ram, 1Ghz 64 bit risc-v core, Wifi, runs Ubuntu 24.04 like a champ!

It has a UFL port and came with a small stick-on antenna, but the On-Board antenna is proving totally adequate in my apartment.

I think it’s now out of production, but you should be able to find them cheap (I paid 16E for mine)

I’m currently putting mine to work with a LoRA HAT, to do this I have to ‘fix’ the device tree, which has been a real mind-warp but I finally managed to get it working over the weekend:

Edit: The ‘Ubuntu 24.04’ part is important, It is a officially supported LTS+ release for the D1 architecture, which means 5+ years of support.
I’m going to bury mine in a box above my balcony. I want to ssh and upgrade without ever needing to access the SD card.