Quick questions: Is the OX XY supposed to be in the 3rd quadrant (where

(Awesome Coder) #1

Quick questions: Is the OX XY supposed to be in the 3rd quadrant (where both x and y are negative)? Is there a way to change the quadrant the mill starts up into?

(carl j mcgrath) #2

GRBL or tinyG (or…?)

(Awesome Coder) #3

I have the PRO-Controller. tinyG

(Jonathan Roeder) #4

I think it looks like this: move both limit switches to the other end of their axes, then change the $ setting accordingly.

(carl j mcgrath) #5

When tinyG is reset, by power up or by reset button, the current x,y,z position is set to 0,0,0 in G53 coordinate space.
Some folks have homing switches to home to (0,0), but others home to (1,1).
Where the machine moves after home is determined by how the CAD tool authored the part. Most folks draw in the +x,+y quadrant , consistent with homing to (0,0).
Others prefer to CAD centered on the origin with gCode moving into all four quadrants. tinyG can be configured with the G55 coordiante space centered on (Xmax/2, Ymax/2), so once the machine is homed to 0,0 (in G53 space), switching to G55 space places G55 (0,0) in the center of the x,y workspace.
Can be confusing, yes it can.
This might help https://github.com/synthetos/TinyG/wiki/Coordinate-Systems

(Brandon Satterfield) #6

Pro and simple, GRBL.

(Awesome Coder) #7

@Brandon_Satterfield Not sure why I thought tinyG. Do you have any board specifications?