[Question] What to do with spare small laser cutter?

Several months ago I upgraded from a small 40x60cm 30W CO2 laser cutter to a 80W machine of larger size. I was hoping for some advice on how to dispose of the older machine (stripping the older machine for spare parts has been rejected since it has minimal commonality with new device).

  1. If anyone here is from Thailand please give me a shout, you can have the machine so long as you are willing to transport it out. Please be aware the device weighs about 100kg, so please bring friends.

The old device is worth no more than USD 700, so this is probably not viable for anyone in the non-East Asia region, since transport and customs clearance processing is likely to exceed the value of the machine.

  1. Is there anything else the machine could be converted into? Is there any interesting experiments that can be conducted using this machine?

PS Item no longer available since it has been earmarked for local educational institute.

Give it to a local school or maker community if there is such a thing there?


Hmm, it appears I may have rather vastly overestimated how well equipped an average Thai highschool is in the DT field. In my defence I am UK educated, so my reference benchmark may be a little skewed.

ty for your suggestion, it turns out it was an excellent one!

A guy on reddit suggested something very similar actually, is this an obvious solution for someone with experience in this area?