Question: SmartMatrix 32x32 + SM Shield (fist version) + Teensy 3.6 Will this work

Question: SmartMatrix 32x32 + SM Shield (fist version) + Teensy 3.6

Will this work together? Which versions of Arduino IDE, SmartMatrix lib and FastLED lib are recommended?

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Hi Stefan!

Good to hear from you again, but we’re all on the new forum:

It should work, though it’s a lot of extra effort to get the pins in the right place because the HUB75 connector is in the way. Someone has done it with the Teensy 3.5:

Use the latest versions of all software you mentioned.

If you want one or more of the latest shields, let me know. I can send you an Adafruit or Sparkfun Gift Certificate that covers the shield(s) and shipping (email me or PM me at the new forum). SparkFun seems to have cheap but slow international shipping, and also sells gift cards for arbitrary amounts, so might be the best option. Get the more expensive fast shipping if you need it though.

Haha, I just realized you posted this on the FastLED forum and not the long closed SmartMatrix Users G+. You can ignore my comment on everyone being on the new forum. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your answer and your kind offer, Louis! I´ll come over to your forum soon.

@Stefan_Petrick first off I want to thank you for posting your work with the perlin noise and color variations, I got your code up and running and I even added some extras.
That being said: in case you do not know it I recommend to use an ESP32 board for the matrix: it is cheap (less than 10$) has lots of ram and flash has a dual-core that runs on 160MHz (or 230MHz even) so the LED output can run on the second core making it just about perfect for LED matrix applications. An added bonus is that it comes with wifi and bluetooth (if you need it). Let me know if you want me to check some Arduino code on it for speed comparison with the teensy.