Question for the smart people lol.

Question for the smart people lol.

I still have an Ipad 1 at home and was wondering if I was to install LW onto a pi could I access it from the Ipad using Chrome or using something like teamviewer? (if Teamviewer is available on Rpi)

yes you can But gcode generation can be slow depending on the complexity of the raster or path. Havent test it in LW3 ( i do have an rpi2 conneted to my cnc ) and not sure it will work on LW4, which you should be using now

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty not sure why but your reply has been removed as Spam??? I can see it but nobody else. I haven’t made the jump to LW4 yet as I haven’t had long on LW3 lol

@Andy_Shilling ​ I have updated my response above.

I’ve just restored your post, that was very strange. I will have a look at the Pi/Ipad pairing over the weekend Thank you.

Thanks +Peter van der Walt I will try that. I’m just trying to limit having to use a pc the whole time. No point burning electricity on a pc if an Ipad and/or Pi can do the little jobs.