Question: Attach CNC rails directly to metal table

Hello Makerforum members. I’m currently designing a CNC machine measuring 2000mm x 1200mm. I’ve observed the elevated prices of aluminum extrusions and am contemplating affixing my aluminum rails directly to my stainless steel table. Below are some images of the current design:

Sadly, I don’t have a complete image of the table at the moment. As evident from the pictures, my table has some unique fins. I’m considering mounting the aluminum extrusions to these fins as shown:

For the Y rails, I plan to attach them to the other rail. Conceptually, this seems like an excellent idea, especially if I can ensure the base rails are level. It appears to be a sturdy and budget-friendly approach. However, I’m seeking advice and opinions on whether this is a viable idea worth pursuing. Thanks in advance for your insights!

What are you planning on using this CNC machine for and how powerful a spindle motor are you planning? There are lots of torsional forces on the structure/frame and that’s a fairly big frame.

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