PWM wire connection

pwm connector

on a genuine 5xc v 1.0b is there a preferred connection point for the pwm wire using the screw terminals …also am I right in connecting the pwm wire from the psu to the + and then a gnd cable next to it on the same terminal … on a k40 but using a cloudray 50w psu with a ten-high 1000mm 50w tube and a 24v psu for the board power 5v via usb

many thanks

Doesn’t sound right but I may not be interpreting your post correctly … the PWM from the controller does not connect to the + power supply is connects to the L Pin on the rightmost connector of most supplies. This all depends on your exact configuration.

Need some more information to ensure we are on the same page:

Model # and manuf. site link for:

  • Controller [is 5xc a smoothie?]
  • The cloudray LPS?

Pictures of the supply and controller showing the connectors you are referring to would be immensely useful.

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