Prototype of my new submersible LED necklace.

Prototype of my new submersible LED necklace. I’m using a trinket, induction charger and a mercury tilt switch with one of Adafruit’s Neopixel Jewels. And lots of 3d printed bits. Let me know what you think!

Very nice but no twinkles or color changing ?

it does… it slowly and subtly twinkles in the “ocean colors” palette. Too much motion or twinkle is too distracting for a necklace. (We ladies want people to notice US as well as our accessories :wink:

Ahhh… I see it now… It is subtle… probably why I missed it… :wink:

Very sweet design. Forget my request for more bling bling, I leave in your obviously very capable hands the choice of an appropriate light motion for a lady’s necklace.

I’m certainly never opposed to more bling! :slight_smile: I’m actually not very happy with the diffusion of the LEDs on this one… gonna try some different techniques so the whole thing glows more evenly next time.

Very nice! I really want to play with ways of patterning/layering 3d prints to tweak how the light is diffused. So many things to want to try, so little time!

Very creative. I like the turn to switch on/off design.