Pronterface not reading bed temperature

Hey I am using a smoothiebaord and have gotten it to the point where the when I set a temperature in Pronterface the bed heats up. However, the bed just keeps heating up past the set temperature of 60 C. The thermistor is plugged in correctly and when I issue the m105 code correct temperature is outputted but the chart does not update.

I believe the issue is that the bed temperature does not update despite the thermistor working properly. I should be on the latest configuration and firmware for the board.

is Smoothie outputting temperature messages?

I see on Marlin it’ll throw out temp readings which Pronterface and others use but since it’s not stopping at the set points, this does point to a firmware setting issue since you do see the thermistor reporting correctly when asked.

I figured it out. I was trying to test only the bed’s thermistor and Pronterface would not update. After I set up the hotend thermistor Pronterface was able to read both temperatures correctly.

ah, without the hotend there was probably safety triggers going off when the hot end wasn’t setup. Most fires start at the hotend since that gets hotter and where the plastic starts.

Can you mark you post with SOLUTION? The one where you just mentioned the hotend thermistor not being set up causing the problem.

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