Printing with taulman nylon, didnt go so well,

Printing with taulman nylon, didnt go so well, tried to superglue some edges but…any tips?

:slight_smile: but it would help, if not for the printing itself, but you could just print on normal paper instead of the tape…i would print on my bills

I’ve been told PVA glue helps hold nylon down. Typically white-glue is PVA. So try the blue tape, spread a thin layer of white-glue down, and wait for it to dry and try that.

You should try a non heated wood printbed!

The Taulman folks suggested printing on a sheet of wood. Poplar would be a good choice for a smooth surface.

One of the more successful methods found in the Google group discussion was a double layer of hairspray on glass either unheated or at 50-55c.

A few years ago i had a huge 1x1m vinyl cutter for making signs, it had a vacuum table that held the vinyl sheets glued to the bed so the knife could cut, it was 2 thin plexiglass sheets glued together with spacers around inside to hold them apart, and tiny holes on the top, machine died when lightening struck…still have the vacuum motor…