Printing one of the most complex part I ever attempted on my Printrbot  Simple.

(Andre Courchesne) #1

Printing one of the most complex part I ever attempted on my @Printrbot Simple.

One of the part of the Y mod:



(Nathan Ryan) #2

That’s a great mod. Love the design, got to try and print this! post pics of the before/after upgrade and comment on problems, etc. :slight_smile:

(Jeffery Myers) #3

hah, that exact part is printing on my simple right now too

(Andre Courchesne) #4

I am printing it with no support or brim. Just amazing how the @Printrbot Simple is able to do gaps ! Love the little thing !
Getting rods of 17" and 19" tomorrow. With this mod plus the X axis mod I should be able to do about 275mm x 300mm x 100mm

(Nathan Ryan) #5

Will this work with the stock rods, or am I going to have to get one 2" longer? I don’t want to expand the width right now

(Jeffery Myers) #6

You will need to get longer rods. This mod assumes a lower rod that is 51mm longer then the upper rod. It also moves the Y axis bearings out to the same width as the Z axis rods, instead of bunching them up. This means that more of your rod size is “wasted” inside of the structure. This means less of the rod length can be used for motion, but an increase in stability.

Rods are pretty cheap, I have a pair of 10inch ones in the mail that I’ll cut down to the size I need.

(Tim Sills) #7

I agree regarding the gaps. When I was printing it for Carlton I wasn’t looking forward to when it got to near the top cause it looked like a long way to bridge across, but surprisingly it did a good job.

(Brook Drumm) #8

This is awesome! Loving the mods!