Printing ABS on a flexible ABS sheet

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #1

I was pondering how to best handle printing ABS on the Monoprice Mini Delta which only reaches 60C for the heated bed and came across this.

The guy says “uh” every few seconds, but I think it is worth sharing. I know a bunch of people use PEI sheets and similar. This is just another thing like that, so not so new of a concept, especially since ABS juice has been something that people have used since before I started being interested in 3D printing. A month ago, I was looking at sheets of acrylic and ABS and other materials to use for windows, so I know there are places that make ABS sheets for sale. A bunch of us also have tons of failed prints in ABS too, so we might be able to melt down the failed ABS prints and form them into sheets ourselves. I have heard of people printing on PLA before too, but I am not sure if it was actually a sheet or if they simply printed a raft of PLA on the bed and then printed ABS on top of that.
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