Printin some gears :-)

Printin some gears :slight_smile:

That’s a very large fan you’ve got on that hot end.

oh, I did not know that. but does it matter ? :slight_smile:

I don’t think it does, but I’m just used to seeing 20 to 40 mm fans used on hot ends. That looks like a full blown case fan to me.

It is big, but as long as does the job I’d think.
Though looks like you be getting some airflow over the heat block itself with that, which you wouldn’t really want.
Maybe print yourself a baffle to attach to the bottom of the fan a direct the air up a little?

Those are some fine (as in small & detailed) looking gears.

is that rapidbot?

James: what is a baffle? the gears turned out well. downloaded theme from 123d :wink: Karan: shure is! 2.0 to be exact :wink:

@Dag_Elias_Sordal You could also call it a fan duct. Basically it’s something to channel the air the fan is blowing over the parts of the hot end that you want cooled while keeping it from blowing on the heater core itself. Searching for “fan duct” on thingiverse will bring up quite a few, maybe ones you can base your own off of, or maybe one that’ll work as-is.

@Stephen_Baird now I understand :wink: thanks :slight_smile: