printed the new in PLA.

printed the new #saintFlint in PLA. How do you mount the bowden tube to this feeder ? There is no space to mount the bowden fitting.


No bowden fit m4 nut on bowden

ahh… thank you Mauro. Now i undertsand.

Remember need an piece of tube for make arch too(screw part). I suggest after place m4 on tube use 2mm drill bit for enlarge it again…but remenber to clean fine tube.

Real great print

Final setup is something like this:
Google Photos

… and more important not to destroy your flint: it must be held in place axially. @shauki has a ton of information to show how to do it.

By the way, stl combined files are available here:

@shauki What’s the “clipper”?

Ah! This is new for me… Is this a recent discovery of yours? That’s great… Is the external diameter the same? No need to touch the CAD file?

I stay go out for find it…is are same Bic but no coil but a unique flint wheels in Italy find it 48pcs for 30 euro including national shipping. …but exist 2 model of clipper big and min and from photo no see if flint wheels are different (clipper are used more from home made sigarette because can use flint system for push tabaco ) respect!

Ps no lose time to search just I make it last night :slight_smile: find one big and mini and check! !! Unique wells without coil is unbreakable! !

Now I’m curious to see results of your pulling test with it. I feel like the coil was the weakest spot of the system… Looks it’s indestructible now! Really nice finding!!!

Just take 2 small an big 1 euro each

We brake Bic flint turn on shauki history brain :slight_smile:

I will sell him my dead bic collection, ~10 maybe… :slight_smile: