Pretty close I would say !

(Andre Courchesne) #1

Pretty close I would say !

(Hilbrand Zijlstra) #2

just curious about strength … totally at the layer between the bottom and the pole in the middle

(Andre Courchesne) #3

Well, I’ll see how it does. It’s for a friend. He will probably install it this week-end.

I printed it at 0.3mm layer with 50% honeycomb infill.

(Carlton Dodd) #4

What material?

(Andre Courchesne) #5


(Andre Courchesne) #6

@Jo_Bigger printed on the amazing @Printrbot Simple (late 2013) with a gt2 and extended X axis.
Filament is 1.75mm PLA from @Printrbot also.
I tell you the @Printrbot Simple beats hands down an Afinia H! An you can buy 3 Simple for the price of the Afinia !

(Andre Courchesne) #7

@Jo_Bigger no I am not working for @Printrbot just love the little thing !

(Carlton Dodd) #8

@Andre_Courchesne1 I have the same setup! By the looks of your bed, I’d say you’re ready to extend your Y axis, too. The part from iamjonlawrence on works really well.

(Andre Courchesne) #9

@Carlton_Dodd indeed, already have the parts printed for

just waiting to finish an arduino/raspberry pi project to mod my @Printrbot