Preliminary design for extruded aluminum reprap. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Preliminary design for extruded aluminum reprap. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

This looks nice, but hasn’t it already been done?

Here we go: Aluminum Mendel

There is a difference between being done, and being done well. I am going for the latter, thus why I am seeking design advice from the community. Most designs I have seen use either too many printed parts, too much extruded aluminum, or make sacrifices. I intend to make the Y and X axis prusa i3 compatable, and options to have the Z axis prusa i3 compatable as well.

in regards to the aluminum mendel you linked too, using the aluminum extrusion can be a poor substitute for a linear rail. Aluminum is soft and prone to dents and scratches. it also isn’t guaranteed in size.

I can just see two dimensions to move… up down / backwards forwards / but not left right ? But is this just me … ?
Nice rack !

@mike_me Thats why it’s preliminary, not complete yet. :wink:

The X-axis rides completely on the Z-axis, just like on a mendel.

While I like the idea, I think you’re going to have a lot of vibration problems with that single-beam z-axis. I hope it works, though!

What is this ?

Needs more triangle.

@aman_bali Looks like the start of a 3D printer to me

I’m wondering whether there is enough support to stop the frame wanting to rotate about the y-axis

Also check out the fold-a-rap design

I don’t understand the single pillow blocks at the top. What drives the Z?

@Stavros_Konstantinos Thats a fundemental problem with using aluminum extrusion.
I’m thinking of a triangle brace, implementation of it would be rather simple.

have you seen i’ve seen it live, and it’s pretty kick-ass

Is there anyway to remove the top extrusion along the x? Seems like you could mount the z rails to the z extrusions and brace them with threaded rod and some mounting hardware.

@Zeno_Le_Hericy_Z-Inv the mendelmax is overbuilt on the wrong axis. The Z/X axis doesn’t receive any Y axis forces. Also, the mendelmax basically has two whole boxes of T-slot on the bottom, total waste of extrusion.

@Stephanie_A If you want the z-axis i3 compatible, flip the smooth rod to the outside instead of the inside. Also, from the center of the stepper shaft to the center of the 8mm smooth rod is 17mm.