Power supply safety

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I’m trying to set up a 24V power supply to power my smoothieboard.

What I don’t know is how to house this safely. I think there’s something called ferrules I should be using to connect wires to the screw contacts? But I can’t just have a mains lead splitting into two wires and going straight into those terminals, surely? That would still leave a bit exposed as a hazard.

How did other people house these? Is there some kind of standard enclosure I can get?

I also bought a ‘kettle-lead plug’ with a switch and fuse. Again, I presume I can get some kind of enclosure to fit these to, but from where?

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I’m assuming you are talking about enclosing the PS+Smoothieboard safely, and not just the PS. There’s no standard way in terms of a one-box solution you can just buy. Some people print cases or parts of a case (look at Thingiverse for ideas), other people modify junction/enclosure boxes, and some probably just leave it exposed. The power supply should have a terminal block on the back and you use spade or ring terminals to connect the wires. Have you looked at the Mains power input portion of the guide?