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Originally shared by Jérémie Tarot

With the announce of G+ service end in a few month: Considering Facebook is a poisonned alternative, as well as any proprietary, commercial personal data hog. Considering the benefits that the Maker, Engineering, etc communities would pull from a common and independant communication platform.
Isn’t it time to envision gathering forces, energies and resources under a common organisation umbrella that would build, promote and maintain such a platform.

Base feature set would be replacement for G+ as well as content syndication (pages, blogs, videos, podcasts) with integrated commenting. Ideally, building on it’s success, the platform would extend to code and project logs hosting, because GitHub dependence is even worth than anything else.

This, of course, would be based on Open Source code. Initial funding could be gathered from a crowdfunding campaign for the benefit of an ad-hoc foundation. A Wikimedia sister for the making, Engineering, fabrication… communities, knowledge and projects.

What do you think? I’m surely dreaming in front of my morning (third) coffee, but doesn’t it all starts like this :slightly_smiling_face:

Google groups?

Who would better choose Friendica or Hubzilla, and create an instance for makers, fabricators, machinists, etc…