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With the announce of G+ service end in a few month: Considering Facebook is a poisonned alternative, as well as any proprietary, commercial personal data hog. Considering the benefits that the Maker, Engineering, etc communities would pull from a common and independant communication platform.
Isn’t it time to envision gathering forces, energies and resources under a common organisation umbrella that would build, promote and maintain such a platform.

Base feature set would be replacement for G+ as well as content syndication (pages, blogs, videos, podcasts) with integrated commenting. Ideally, building on it’s success, the platform would extend to code and project logs hosting, because GitHub dependence is even worth than anything else.

This, of course, would be based on Open Source code. Initial funding could be gathered from a crowdfunding campaign for the benefit of an ad-hoc foundation. A Wikimedia sister for the making, Engineering, fabrication… communities, knowledge and projects.

What do you think? I’m surely dreaming in front of my morning (third) coffee, but doesn’t it all starts like this :slightly_smiling_face:

(Kevin Danger Powers) #2

Oh you can check out MeWe. I’m already moving my community over there. It’s the best G+ alternative I could find and I looked at a LOT of platforms. In fact, I already started a 3D printer community. I haven’t actually set it up but it’s there. I hope to build a community like this one.

(Jérémie Tarot) #3

@Kevin_Danger_Powers installed it yesterday to have a look. Far from impressed from what I’ve seen, a little worried about comments I’ve read about what can be found there, and absolutely unwilling to support the burden of migrating to another service unless it’s rooted in Open Source.

(Ben Koch) #4

This sounds very interesting

(Ryan Carlyle) #5

Aside from the median user at MeWe being a little nuts, whether it stays open long-term depends entirely on massive user growth that is not guaranteed to happen. So migrating there is a bet on the product offering. If they reach critical mass and pull a few hundred million people off Facebook, then it’ll survive long term… but with only 6 million registered users now and little way of monetizing (since they don’t show ads or sell personally identifiable data) my guess is that they’re going to run out of VC money eventually and shut down.

(Jérémie Tarot) #6

@Ryan_Carlyle and this may only be the less problematic scenario

(Ben Koch) #7

dreaming … hmmm, synced mongodb’s with python flask frontend

(Jérémie Tarot) #8

@Ben_Koch haha, building from scratch, don’t think we have time for this, and time is not the only resource to factor in.
But I like your choices :wink:

(Ben Koch) #9

10 Months :wink:

(Jérémie Tarot) #10

@Ben_Koch trucks of pizzas and tankers of coffee and beer :wink: