Possibilities of the Sculpfun S9

Hi Everyone

First of all, everybody a happy new year !!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tom and I’m from the Netherlands
My hobby is modeling and I’m thinking of buying the Sculpfun S9

Now i have absolutely no experience in this matter, but seeing the sculpfun really made me enthousiastic

But i am wondering if it can make things intricate like on the picture i have attached

I would be very thankfull for some feedback

If you need more info let me know!

Best Regards

I think a diode laser is cool and all. I own a GORIFEI Laser Engraving Machine I thought I was gonna laser the world with it. But, I cannot see you cutting out your minatures and being happy with a diode laser only adleaset not for long. They lack the power to give you a char free cut in a reasonable amount of time in the material above. Combine Laser Cutting and Engraving in one project with NEJE Master | Make a Business Card - YouTube see the great effort required to cut simply .5mm card stock. The designs though will work fine. With great effort and time you can use a diode laser in the way you would like. I don’t think you will be happy for long with the process. Perhaps with air assist and multiple passes you CAN do your work and get better results than that example with air assist, the compromise will be a SLOW cut and dark burned edges.

Take a look at this thread and these users.

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