Please can anyone offer some advice? My laser is fantastic,

(grahame dale) #1

Please can anyone offer some advice? My laser is fantastic, standard apart from cutting table. But just recently when engraving a project by the time it gets to the right or bottom the picture is out of alignment, the below was cut with Sino at the top and flying dino at bottom, the design is good but when etching the frying Sino is out of alignment . Please any help welcome.

(Jason Barnett) #2

This has to be a software issue. If it were a mechanical or calibration problem, the raster and cut would have the same issues, thus not be noticeable or there would be a hard shift in one or the other. This appears to be a gradual drift, like the cut and raster scaling are not the same.

What laser cutter and software are you using?

(grahame dale) #3

Its a standard K40 with Coral Laser on Coral x7, i have a spare set up laptop so will try that out tomorrow :slight_smile:

(Joey Fitzpatrick) #4

There was a previous post with a similar issue. There appears to be a bug with the software. The solution was to place a 1mm object in the top left corner in all layers. This seems to help the software align the cut and engrave layers. Here is a link to the post. I am not sure if this applies to your particular setup or not. It may only work for moshidraw boards but it may be worth a try.

(grahame dale) #5

@Joey_Fitzpatrick thank you unfortunately not the same issue, I did take the top from that thread and always use a 1mm square in the top left of all layers, I will try a diferent laptop tomorrow and see what happens.

(David Wakely) #6

In Corel laser click on the settings cog and change the cutting data from HGPL to WMF. Also check that your engraving data is WMF. This should fix your problem.

(grahame dale) #7

@David_Wakely i can see how this works and it does (Kind of) but when it cuts it cuts extra lines that arent in my design, i did get results setting them both as Jpeg but cuts everything twice :frowning: i am feeling a lot more positive Thank you.

(David Wakely) #8

Are your objects solid fill in corel draw? if they are not it will cut twice when using WMF.

Check out my post at LO

(I Laser) #9

That’s interesting, never solid filled, I just make sure all lines are 0.7mm or lower otherwise the machine would cut twice. Stupidly, the hairline setting in Corel is over that, hence the double cuts.