Playing around with some 2812B  leds and a digispark unit. White and blue works.

(Michael Pettersson) #1

Playing around with some 2812B leds and a digispark unit.

White and blue works.
But when using
for (int redLed = 0; redLed < (NUM_LEDS-3); redLed += 1){
leds[redLed] = CRGB::Red;
I get the color green

Using the define
FastLED.addLeds<WS2812B, DATA_PIN, RGB>(leds, NUM_LEDS);

Is it the wrong define?

Does anyone know if the digispark can store a parameter?
Would like to switch function when supplying power via a case statement.

(Daniel Garcia) #2

For the RGB ordering -

(Daniel Garcia) #3

Also the digispark should support the EEPROM library which you can use to store parameters between power cycles.

(Dushyant Ahuja) #4

Most of these LEDs are GRB and not RGB. Try using that in the initial parameters.

(Michael Pettersson) #5

Thanks… GRB and EEPROM works…
Is there any nice “animations” for 15 led circle?
Building a simple “arc reactor” to a party and would be fun to have some nice art on it.

(Marc Miller) #6

You might try throwing the DemoReel100 example on there too give you some ideas. Remove the patterns you don’t like, and then you could adjust or add new patterns.

Reactor model looks cool. Would love to see a picture/video when it’s done.

(Michael Pettersson) #7

the demoreel looks good on the arc :slight_smile:

(Keyth Rodgers) #8

@Michael_Pettersson , What version of digispark are you using? Pro or Original?

I’m trying to do something similar. Would you be willing to share your code, how large it is and how much of the memory it takes up?

(Michael Pettersson) #9

To use the demoReel I had to switch hardware. Now using an arduino nano.

(Michael Pettersson) #10

When using the digispark it’s the original one I have. A little bit to small of memory but usable for minor projects.

(Keyth Rodgers) #11

Why did you move up to the nano? Price or size? I might have to make the switch as well

(Michael Pettersson) #12

Could not compile the demo code, even with only two segments active. Did not look into why but best guess is memory size limitation.
Had a nano available so that’s why I went with it.

(Keyth Rodgers) #13

Could you post a paste bin link with the demo code you tired? I’m trying to see if I can get my code to work for the digispark before I but the Arduino.

(Michael Pettersson) #14

Hi, what do you like to have?
The digispark version before I switched?

The last thing I did was just do load the demo reel from the example and put it to an nano board.
(how do I paste bin link?)