Plastic (Cam shell) suitcase repair


I am seeking guidance from the good folks on this forum as to a siutcase repair. One of the wheels on my plastic suitcase tore off during use and I am considering repairing it.

Firstly some may say it is not worth the effort, new suitcase of same size and quality would be 80 BGP/100 USD / 90 Euro. I consider on the below plan the materials will come to 20 /25/22 total plus my time which is zero costed. Any views?

See the photos, but I am planning to super glud the wheel and strip of plastic first then follow various youtube videos and melt some wiremesh into the suit case to add strength. Then to add internal stability I will use some fiberglass car body repair to add strength inside the suitcase.

os question 2 is this a forlorne venture, is there a better way. As can be seen from the photos the plastic strip torm off is also torn in its connection to the wheel. Is there a better way?

Please advise and assist.

Many thanks

Additional photo

I would try this first and see if it is strong enough. I am not sure what kind of materials (fiberglass) will stick to that plastic.

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