Plaque Blank Drying Rack

I make and sell a lot of plaques. The stained and unstained pieces of ply I use for them are finished with gloss lacquer. While the lacquer dries to the touch in about 30 mins or so, they can take days to fully finish off gassing. This is especially true for the stained back pieces.

If I just stack them flat together I end up with an oily like residue that condenses between the boards. I’ve tried stacking spacers, but it’s still not perfect without a good air flow between the boards. I’m making so many plaques now days I decided I needed to rethink some of my processes and one of which is how I get the boards to finish drying well and not take up a lot of space.

Settled on a plate style drying rack.

The base is made from some 1x2" pine furring strips I had left from the plantation shutter drying rack I did awhile back. Cut and sanded them relatively smooth. I’m using 1/4" dowels, cut to 6" lengths on the band saw, as the tines. They are 6" because that worked out best with using 36" length dowel rods.

Laid out the holes for the tines, on the long sides, and drilled them with the drill press. I was thinking about using screws to join the base, but I didn’t end up having the right length wood screws on hand. I did have a pack of 5mm dowels, so I decided to pin the base together with the dowels.

Square up the base parts and tacked them together with CA glue. Drilled double 5mm holes at each end. Then, with some wood glue, I pounded in the joint dowels and cut flush. Also pounded in the tine dowels

Worked out well. Now to make some more :slight_smile: