Pellet extruder heating element spec

I have a printer with Smoothieware controller. I’d like to try built pellet extruder. Looking for heating element spec - voltage and power needed. Can you advice how to run it on Smoothieware?

You’ll run it the exact same way any other extruder.
About specs, it’s going to depend how fast you want it to be able to extrude, I think I’d look at existing extruders, compare size, keep the voltage at 24v, and change the overall power by varying the size/number/power of the heating elements.

Standard extruder is something like 40W. Pellet extruder is larger with nozzle >=1mm so rather 100W? Smoothie controls external triac connected to heater and power supply right?

Sure on both. Maybe go for 200W to have some margin, you can always under-utilize.

For Arduino there are affordable external dimmer modules that are cheaper than SSR. What would you suggest for Smoothie?

Anything that works with an Arduino will work with Smoothieboard, just use whatever you want really.