Paul Frederick, I need your expertise.

(George Allen) #1

Paul Frederick,

I need your expertise. After moving my computer from one cubicle at the Makerspace to another, I plugged in the monitor to the computer and it wasn’t receiving a signal from the computer. The monitor still works as I tried it with my other computer and it worked. I read some things on the net that said it was the graphics card, so I bought a new one. Unfortunately, the connector doesn’t fit with the monitor, so I will likely have to return it. Is there a way I could diagnose and repair the problem on the motherboard, or should I just reorder another graphics card?

(George Allen) #2

BTW: The computer is a Dell Optiplex with what they call an SFF case (thinner than the traditional size). The new card fits the case, but the monitor has the plug for following type of connector.missing/deleted image from Google+

(Kyle Kerr) #3

They make adapters to go to/from vga/dvi/hdmi

(George Allen) #4

The new graphics card has this type:missing/deleted image from Google+

(George Allen) #5

I was wondering. Do I get that on Amazon?

(George Allen) #6

Thanks Kyle. Do you think that was what the problem was?

(Kyle Kerr) #7

Yes, Amazon will carry the dvi to vga adapter

(George Allen) #8

Thanks, I just bought it. I’m glad too b/c this card is an upgrade on my other

(George Allen) #9

Thanks Kyle!!!

(Kyle Kerr) #10

Just find the right male/female combo.

(George Allen) #11

I’ll let you know how it goes. Big help, and quicker than tech support!!!

(George Allen) #12

Right. I was sure to do that, I think. At least, if it’s like the picture

(Paul Frederick) #13

@Kyle_Kerr once I had a monitor with a bizarre connector on it and when I plugged it into a PC it only displayed a message, “No Display connected.” Which made me think, if a monitor isn’t connected why output a message to it? It also really ticked me off too. Because it was obviously working. Yet the computer just didn’t recognise it as a connected monitor. The moral of the story is too many connectors is not a good thing.

(Josh Rhodes) #14

@Paul_Frederick Dell monitors (along with others) will output that message if you unplug them.

(Paul Frederick) #15

@Josh_Rhodes I think it was an old IBM monitor. I got the distinct impression the PC was outputting it to the monitor. It was like a 286 PC. So it was all real old and primitive stuff. Pre Dell.

(George Allen) #16

@Paul_Frederick I remember those. That was when a 80 Meg Hard Drive was considered luxurious. And social media was bulletin boards, floppy disks were NOW 3.5” and laptops under 12 lbs were unheard of. Cell phones were the size of ham radios, but CB(s) were considered passé. 10-4 good buddy!

(Paul Frederick) #17

@George_Allen those were the days.

(George Allen) #18

@Paul_Frederick seems like yesterday