Overhead spool holder. Works wonderfully.

Overhead spool holder.

Works wonderfully.

Wow… did you print that entire still life of a bowl of oranges?

LOL, yup 0.05mm slices with a 0.1mm nozzle for extra detail and realism :slight_smile: I even used blood-nylon to print the mesh bag.

Looks like it would be a bit wobbly though.

@April_Staines I understand your thinking but no wobble at all, it’s rock solid sitting up there.

I sometimes hear of filament “knots” or pinching causing the filament to bind tightly to spools… what happens if that happens with your roll?

I find that only happens with the smaller spools where the filament is not wound on uniformly. The Lybina stuff for example never suffers from this problem, at least not the 3mm

@Joseph_Chiu No idea, never had anything of the sort happen with any of the filament I’ve bought.
I can understand how it could happen with the thinner 1.75mm filament, even then it would have to have been wound on pretty shabbily.

Well, that, or more likely, the loose end “got away” and got tucked under, but was able to walk for a while before getting hung up. It happens regularly enough to different people that it just makes me nervous. It’s more a case of “I know it’s not supposed to happen- but let’s just say it does…” worrying.

I’ve had 1.75 mm filament go crazy even when there was a short patch between spool and extruder intake tube. I wonder if it makes sense to respool filament in a controlled way (e.g. like thread on a bobbin) so that there is no overlap?

@Eric_Mack I have seen respool tool designs on thingiverse, so I guess some people have had the need to.