Ortur Laser Master 2: "No supported firmware detected"

LaserWeb information

On the About page, I see that I have:

  • Frontend version: 4.0.998
  • Backend version: 4.0.136

My settings are:

<go to Settings / Tools and save your LaserWeb Settings to a json file, 
then open that file with a text editor and copy/paste the content here>

Problem description

When I try to connect the machine on USB /dev/ttyACM0, I expect to connect, but instead the “No supported firmware detected” happens.

This problem is new, as I’m a brand new CNC and laser web user.

System description

  • My machine is a diode laser Ortur Laser Master 2

  • I have a GRBL 1.1 board

  • I connect via USB

  • My computer(s) on which I run LaserWeb run(s) Mac Catalina, using LWB through Safari 14.0 to reach my raspberry pi 4 4Go with LWB installed over my network.

Thx for your help :slight_smile:

You might have a incompatible firmware, as the error message sais. Check with a terminal program what you get from this COM-port. If the firmware reports Grbl v1.1f (or higher) then you can try to activate “reset on connect”. To do that, you must edit config.js (on the raspi) and change the line:

config.resetOnConnect = process.env.RESET_ON_CONNECT || 0;


config.resetOnConnect = process.env.RESET_ON_CONNECT || 1;

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Thx a lot for your answer, I can now connect to my machine.

Trying to figure out how to install My webcam now (logitech B525). The control board is functional, but the button “Laser test” won’t produce anything. Same for “Check Size”.

I was wondering about the raspberry powering up the machine through USB (had the pbm on my 3D printer). Would this solve the issue?


The webcam feature is not very stable, and the camera must be connected to the PC which runs the frontend (not the raspi).

To get the “Laser Test” button working you must set the “TOOL TEST POWER” in the gcode settings.
The “Check Size” feature might be broken in the actual version.

The Raspberry Pi is only powering the Arduino MCU over USB, but not the stepper drivers, motors and laser. For this you need the additional power supply. This is absolutely normal and doesn’t cause any problems.

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Thx a lot, it’s working right now. Need to dive in on how to use it now :slight_smile:
For the webcam, I don’t really understand the point regarding the camera, and the use to have it on the “client” computer… I’ll use Motion on the raspberry in order to have an eye on my printer.

LaserWeb was mainly developed for single computer use, where the frontend and backend are run on the same pc by only one executable. The spilt operation of frontend an backend is only a rare special usecase.

You can connect a network stream as a camera. If you want to connect a USB camera to the raspberry pi, you would need a “streaming server” on the raspi to serve the camera stream to the network. This can be done by the “motion project”:

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Yep, seems to work with motion :blush:

Thx a lot for all this excellent work, and for your fast and accurate answers :blush:

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You are welcome!

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