Originally shared by Sebastian Szafran I am unable to probe using TinyG 442.04 with

Originally shared by Sebastian Szafran

I am unable to probe using TinyG 442.04 with less than 18mm/sec feedrate. That is too much for PCB probing, as I am using quite expensive bit.

I have recorded 2 probing cycles starting with F20, then F19, F18 and F17 resulting in machine freeze, then RESET and another cycle.
You can see the stepper motors LEDs blinking for G38.2 Z-20 F20 (and F19, F18) when machine works, as expected, and just a single short red LED blink after issuing G38.2 Z-20 F17.
Does anyone face similar issue? Can it be the board malfunctioning?

You will find the video here: https://youtu.be/0h_I34pYugA

Is your WebGL crashing?

Surely not, I can watch it properly as mp4 on my PC. Something wrong while converting to YouTube. Need to check it out.

So you’re saying the 3D viewer is working fine in your browser it just isn’t getting recorded by your screencast matic software? I’m thinking if 3d viewer is acting weird, it could mess with the auto-level widget. Although i’m not sure if you’re using auto-level. You’re talking about probing a PCB which makes me think you are. BTW, when i see the 3d viewer toolbar in upper left corner it’s almost certainly 100% that your webgl is crashing. That’s most likely issue here.

I recorded it fine, but saved as MP4 directly to my hard drive. Uploading MP4 to youtube resulted in blank screen. Another video uploaded from Scriptomatic to YouTube directly, seems OK now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6uxGo4S_Yo

This issue is not about autolevel, I am on TinyG now. Whenever I try to probe with low feedrate (less than 18) TinyG gets frozen, sjps shows “< {“er”:{“fb”:442.04,“st”:31,“msg”:“Move time is NAN”}}”. The situation is the same when using Autolevel Widget or Touch Plate widget or simply typing G38.2 Z-20 F17 manually (Z-20 as example value, can be different number).

{“er”:{“fb”:442.04,“st”:31,“msg”:“Move time is NAN”}} That is a TinyG error not a ChiliPeppr error.

I didn’t say that this is a Chilipeppr related error :slight_smile: And I am quite sure this is a TinyG issue, but probably other Chilipeppr folks have seen this problem, as well.