Originally shared by Sameer Verma I've been getting jams on the Printrbot once the

Originally shared by Sameer Verma

I’ve been getting jams on the @Printrbot once the print exceeds 45 minutes or so. Upon close inspection, I see that the plastic tube guide is slightly misaligned with the hotend opening. Has anyone seen this? If so, any suggestions I had to disassemble some of the extruder assembly to pull out the jammed PLA.

Looks like you’re printing too slow or too hot. Heat is creeping up the filament far enough that it buckles. It shouldn’t be buckling that far up the feed tube. Are you running without a fan on the top of the hot end? I believe these should be running with one.

I do have a fan, but the print temp is at 200 for PLA, although it should be 195 or so, I think. I’m unable to change the temp. I suspect it has to do with permissions (I’m running Repetier and slic3r on Ubuntu). I also have trouble turning off the heated bed for PLA, and I bet that adds to the creep.

I’ll have to investigate this a bit more. Thanks for the input.