Originally shared by Nicholas Seward How cool is this!!!!  (I left off the question

Originally shared by Nicholas Seward

How cool is this!!! (I left off the question mark because it really isn’t a question.)

Amazing work. What are your plans as far as files/bom/build instructions?

I am shooting for doing the file release this weekend. I am also trying to get Wally into printing shape for NY Maker Faire so be patient with me. The files are coming.

Awesome; Maker Faire is exactly why I’m asking. Our Maker Faire down in Orlando, FL is filled with Prusa i2s…tons of them. Oceans upon oceans of them. I’ve got enough spare parts that I could probably build one of these in time for mine, and give people a nice change :slight_smile:

But, take your time. No need to rush.

Cannot wait till you release the files. A job well done.

@Nicholas_Seward the Simpson and the Wally are such innovative designs, they’re really fun to watch. Truly a mix between futuristic robot while oddly steam punk’ish. Keep up the good work!

@Nicholas_Seward such a big improvement to the first iteration. What booth number are you? Would be nice if the first, second and third place gada prize winners stood side by side. Is the morgan making an appearance? @Quentin_Harley

This and the Wally are great! I’m just starting, and I already want to make these. The innovations you have incorporated (geared arms on this, and everything on the Wally!) just look right to me. I know I’ll build one sometime.

@Chris_Lau I am maker 11494: ConceptFORGE. I actually had @Quentin_Harley track down a state side Morgan to share my booth. I would absolutely love to meet you and I think the picture of all three would be cool.

@Nicholas_Seward I am 11402: 3DPrintMi. Looking forward in meeting you as well. This weekend is going to be a blast!

Love the design - would love to see the finished print. The low count on vitamins make this a must-make!

@Anthony_White I ran out of filament so this is the newest addition to my zombie squirrel army.

What’s the build volume on this one? Is it the same as the Gada version? I seriously want files for this thing - I was gonna go with the Gada version but this is even spiffier.

@Patrick_Ryan In easy to think about terms 200mm diameter by 150mm tall or 5L. The real volume is stranger than that and theoretically 10L. Think domed reuleaux triangle or the truncated intersection of 3 275mm spheres centered on each shoulder bolt.

@Nicholas_Seward I just signed up at ConceptForge. I’d love to get in on the beta - I did the PrintrBot Simple beta and had a blast.

@Patrick_Ryan Beta slots are full. I will KickStart in December.

@John_Ridley I will post all the files. I was just referring to physical kits. I would love for millions of Simpson’s to start popping up. The files are going to be released in a week or two.

@Nicholas_Seward Just an off-the cuff idea, but would the gears be more resistant to lateral thrust if they were herringbones? I realize the gear faces do form a herringbone on either side of the slot, but would there be a benefit if each individual gear set were herringboned (i.e. like Emmett’s gear bearing http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:53451)?

@Patrick_Ryan I think it just might give us a little second order improvement. Great idea! The two sides of mine approximate an arc with the middle missing. This would break that up. Thanks again!

Cheers. Feel free to add me to the beta… :slight_smile: