Originally shared by Mike Miller Ingentis/Quardap hybrid.  It'll have the Ingentis Z-axis,

Originally shared by Mike Miller

Ingentis/Quardap hybrid.

It’ll have the Ingentis Z-axis, and use the top X and Y axes for gantries to actuate the extruder, a-la @Shauki’s design.

Still a work in progress, but it’ll be on display as this weekend’s Denver Makerfaire, along with the sample corner piece in the photo and info on ultra-low-cost but not low-quality printing.

It’s right on target for a 12x12x18 (300x300x450cm) build platform…for a whole lot less than a ZX18.

(and thanks, @MISUMI_USA ! #Misumifirst150)

Definitely shaping up to be a sexy beast. Can’t wait for finalized plans to build one myself. My tantillus just isn’t satisfying my lust for large prints.

Thanks @Tim_Rastall , I meant to cross post but am easily distracted. #Squirrel!