Originally shared by Mark Moissette (ckaos)   A small "end of the year" status

Originally shared by Mark Moissette (ckaos)


A small “end of the year” status update on CoffeeScad

  • still in the midst of a (very needed) huge re-factoring , starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel :slight_smile: When this is done, things should be a lot more tidy and modular.
  • worked on multi-file workflow (see screenshot below for a very wip version, with the visual aspect hidden for now) this is for two reasons : I don’t like to keep everything in one file that gets too big , way too fast (even in my Openscad projects), and I find the “on file per tab” code editing in Eclipse very practical
  • Dropbox storage of projects is almost ok (yay, access your files from anywhere)
  • I can also confirm that collaborative editing will be present further down the line (not in the January v0.3 release but soon enough) , very likely using the HTML5 WebRTC / Websockets : yep , this means ,you will be able to work on the same piece of code with other people, in your browser :slight_smile:

Lots more things as well but I’ll post that seperatly , as I am looking for specific feedback on some elements (notions of parts and assemblies).