Originally shared by John Lauer

Originally shared by John Lauer

Really bizzare source code management. No github? Downloads stuff from jsfiddle? Wtf?

It was deemed more important to let folks see and dabble with the code for each widget than to use Github where you can’t dabble. I put community collaboration ahead of anything. I love Github, but the problem is that for a Javascript app like ChiliPeppr, to get folks to fork Github and then setup their own local test web server would have killed anyone from going beyond forking on Github. With JSFiddle, you fork on JSFiddle, tweak, and you’re using it live. What’s great is the unique model is proving to work.

BTW, you definitely can use Github on your own widgets in ChiliPeppr like Dat Chu does. Its worked great for him. The downside is, he won’t get as many folks forking his Laser widget because it’s on Github and if somebody goes to look at the source it’s not readily interactive as it would be on JSFiddle.

Yes, but it won’t randomly break and stop working forever when jsFiddle decides to clean house. JsFiddle is not guaranteed to be around for ever. JsFiddle is not intended to be a source code repo, but a scratchpad. They make no guarantees that they just won’t start cleaning stuff up every 6 mos.

BTW, the JSFiddle guys know about ChiliPeppr and are supporting it. They have stated that JSFiddles are permanent if you are logged in to JSFiddle.