Originally shared by John Hauer As you may know I am involved in a

Originally shared by John Hauer

As you may know I am involved in a 3D printing startup that could be very disruptive. But, it also creates a potential conflict of interest. So, I’m looking for someone with a background in print and an interest in 3D printing to operate and manage my blog, 3D4printers.com. Must be a good writer! Is this you? Let’s talk.

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Hey John, can we do a guest blog post on your blog?

Yes, what do you have in mind, @My3DPrinterKit ?

Would it be possible to to describe the nature of our business? We are trying to aggregate all types of filaments, parts, and tools from across the web to find in one location.

@My3DPrinterKit that’s interesting. Are you going to house the parts or fulfill through 3rd parties (drop ship?)

Working on fulfilling it through 3rd parties.

I like the logo/name but haven’t quite gotten my head wrapped around the concept of “3D” with respect to printing. I know what it is intended but haven’t read anything to find out “how”. It sounds like “creating matter” to me.

Still interested @My3DPrinterKit . Maybe you could write about how people buy parts and supplies now, size of the consumable industry, pricing for substrates, etc. That would definitely get some eyeballs.

Thanks @Charles_Price . Check out the blog at 3D4printers.com. Lots of info on the “how.”


@John_Hauer can you email me so we can connect through email and move forward? my3dprinterkit@gmail.com

@John_Hauer I am the one working on http://my3dprinterkit.com. Nice to meet you! I will definitely get to your email.