Originally shared by Jeff Keegan Yeah..

Originally shared by Jeff Keegan

Yeah… One of the problems with my RepRap blog being so behind (I’m describing past events until I catch up) is that it meant I had to relive my reliving of this. Finally got around to this post. Read it for Kev.

Great post, and a great project. I’m sorry for your loss.

Were the double notes caused by the notches being too thick, or too tall? PLA isn’t as smooth as the ABS they use to make the regular records, so if the notch ends up sliding on the space between teeth on the music box gears, it might play another note.

Within a single groove space, the original records had two different types of “note” notches - some of which were came in from the outer larger ring, and some that came out from the smaller inner ring. I’d assumed these corresponded to different notes (2 possible notes per channel). Now I think that either hits the same metal peg. I could be wrong on that though. The mere possibility was enough to slow my momentum.

(And thanks by the way. :slight_smile: )