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looks great. I’d like to build something like that - except using rack and pinion drives. Would you care to share your design notes? What size motor is it you’re using?

@Fleanis_Werkhardt hey; concerning design note … actaully don’t have any … but i can if you have question try to answer it. the motor are still the stock nema17. i’ll change it for 23 sooner or later … but for now i’l juste be soncervative with speed and cut height

I like the simplicity of its design . OK, my questions - what is the extrusion you are using? Is it 2 lengths side by side sandwiching another extrusion of some sort? Do you have a dxf file for the steel plates that the carriages attach to? What size drive belt are you using? And what size are the cable tray links? If you change from Nema17 to 23’s - will you just modify the steel plates or make new ones? Is this running on 12v or 24v?


  • extrusions are makerRail 1.5m for Y and 1m fo X reinforce ( both ) with masonry aluminium ruler sandwiched for the x axis with bolt ( Makerslide / ruler / Makerslide ) the Y axis ruler is fixed to the rail via the rail Tslot and also bolted to the table in the middle of the lenght to remove flex

  • i don’t have dxf files for the plate. it’s a stock hardware from SHAPEOKO 2 / so the plate a nema23 “ready” and it’s already runing from 24volts
    the belt drive is GT2 6mm width and 24teeth pulley

OK, thanks, that’s good information for me. Clever idea of using a builder’s spirit level for extra rigidity.

@Fleanis_Werkhardt it’s actually cheap and precisely made so …good deal

Yes - it looks neat and clean. What are you going to machine with it?