Originally shared by Addidis no Pi is in , not mounted,

Originally shared by Addidis no

Pi is in , not mounted, Electronics are in wired working but not mounted yet. The power for the pi and screen are wired. 2 of the mounts for the face are done the others are printing now.

This is starting to look like what I see.

Looking good cant wait to see the finished product. Gets me rethinking my enclosure idea…

Yeah a quick search of thingyverse for ramps cases yields a grip of giant boxy things. HArd on the printer to print, not very nice looking.

As I considered it I realized what I really wanted was all the junk on my desk to disappear. This gives me easy access to kill the power completely lets say in the event a fet sticks open. All the bits are super cheap making them ultra easy to misplace. Ive lost the pi in the mess repeatedly. etc Now its all bolted down. Problem solved.
Now I can pick up the entire thing and turn it and access the back before I couldnt. It pretty much fits the outline for a 200x200 build area so this should work for any printer I build. Well till they get a bigger hot bed made.