Originally shared by 3D4Printers Looking for a "killer application" for 3D printing?

Originally shared by 3D4Printers

Looking for a “killer application” for 3D printing? Replacement parts are an opportunity NOW. Check out this article from our best of 2012. #3D #3dprinting

Although 3d printing is an amazing tool that can fix a lot of things, small companies and some schools have wanted to be able to access this tool but considering the printers themselves are thousands of dollars and the resin on top of that it just isn’t logical for them to buy such an expensive piece of equipment. Big businesses have no issue with this because they can actually afford these. My friends robotics team wanted to buy a 3D printer for parts, considering they are a private school but attending a meet cost about the same price as a printer. These printers are out of most people’s budget. Any opinions?

+Anna Wilkens Have you considered building one of the open source printers that are Rep Rap derived such as the Prusa Mendel? Depending on the build area and material needed, this could be a good option…

Consider the Printrbot Jr ($400) or as @Juli_Fowler mentioned building a Mendel variant RepRap (I’ve seen them build for under $300).

Or if you’re patient you could keep your eye on Makibox, who is bringing a $200 printer to the market in the future: http://makibox.com/