Original Penny Arcade Game

I make electro-mechanical games from scratch. I find as a maker it is the ultimate fun project - requires some woodworking, electronics, and even 3d printing. This is one of my favorite games and I recently went back and did some improvements on it


That’s great Ben! Love the look, gameplay and implementation.

Not sure if possible but when I saw your 2 solenoid penny dropper it sure looked like a toggle effect was happening so maybe a spring loaded toggle and a single solenoid could do the same job of 2 solenoids.

Keep it up as these kinds of things will really have an effect on the younger generation who’s just too familiar with only interacting with pixels on a screen and computer generated sounds.


Thank you!

Yes I thought about how it could work with one solenoid. Would definitely be possible if I was a bit better designer - but sorta felt like the “brute force” method was a bit easier to build quickly.

If these ever start flying off the shelves - would def look to improve it!

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yes, no doubt the 2 solenoid setup was a great way to start I mean you have full control over timing and it’s a linear motion in and out of the holes. With a pivoting mechanism you’d either have to add mechanics to keep the pins on a straight path or possibly curve the pins slightly.

A joy to watch in action as is.

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Dang, that’s a dark topic for a penny arcade game. I love it! One of my favorite memories of living in Seattle was visiting the penny arcade museum.

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