Ordered d1 pro laser will not cut circles

Set up my new d1 pro 10w and have spent 14 hours trouble shooting. Have used lightburn and xtoool creative and the same problem exists on both. Have experimented with belt tensions and even repeating a circle with the same settings i get a different results. I even switched computers and to no avail.for some reason i cant add pics.


Pretty clear it’s a mechanical issue. If it’s new, I’d ask the vendor. If not you are going to have to tinker with the machine to see where the mechanical problem is.

You have confirmed it’s likely a mechanical issue. Two different software packages do the same thing, it’s your machine and it’s probably mechanical…

Good luck


Thank you. That’s what I thought. Tech support. Said they needed pictures, and then they would probably send me something. Spent 14 hours adjusting bands and to no avail. Even tried an upgraded computer with more ram. Nothing helps. Almost ready to put it back in the box if no solution with the next day or so am backed up with work.
Thanks again for your input help.

Sorry to hear that… Most of us buy these things but really don’t know much about the how tight this or that should be. You only find out by doing it a lot.

I can’t tell you how tight or lose something needs to be, you have to learn that. Exactly why we purchase these and not build them.

You expect some kind of working machine that you did not get… Again if the vendor can’t make it work, you probably can’t either…

Too add to this, is most of these are in China and you have to wait 24 hours for the reply… that takes lots of time… Good thing you’re not doing this during the Chinese New year…

Hang in there and see if they can help you. There are a lot of people using Lightburn and it’s in the forum. However I think they’ll tell you it’s mechanical also…

Good luck


Yeah, you’re right about the 24 hours. That’s a little painful. I have sainssmart laser on my cnc. It engraves butifully but shuts down during cuts . I adjusted the band’s on the D1 and made cuts. After every adjustment nothing changed. Glad I bought it from Amazon, free returns. Just wish it would have worked it supposed to be rated one of the best for small business. Oh well Thanks again for your input have a great day

Usually they do work… I think you just got a poor specimen.

Good luck


Ended up sending it back. It had a bent drive shaft, and the SD card was blank. Might of kept if if I could have gotten tech support in less than twenty four tothirty six hours.

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Sorry to hear that… I hope you don’t give up…

Take care


Smart thinking.
If dad can’t fix it no one can,
But if Amazon delivered it and its not great, Send it back…
We all have our returns for Amazon, I just sent a radiator back cause it was the wrong one…

That’s exactly what I did. very disillusioned afraid to order another one and have the same problem. Probably crazy but I pre-ordered the sainsmart new system instead.

Yeah, but in general my infatuation with Amazon has been positive. All of my 3d printers parts and pieces came for that warehouse, the speed and convenience makes it hard not to keep my twitching finger close to the button.