OpenRC Truggy Concept Car

(Daniel Norée) #1

OpenRC Truggy Concept Car

(Daniel Norée) #2

Midnight… Starting to feel like i´ve spent like a billion hours on this thing…

(Bracken Dawson) #3

Very nice, in fact extremely nice indeed. Let us know how testing goes. Are those wheels printed? I’ll be re-testing mine soon (had a print failure yesterday :frowning: ). I’m interested to see if those top mounts in single shear are strong enough. Also if the front lower inner forward joints can survive a crash.

(Daniel Norée) #4

Uploaded all files thing morning (like 2 AM) but needed to add some last minute changes today. All that´s left is adding some descriptive text to the thing and then i´ll publish it.

Those wheels are not printed, i didn´t have time but i will use the ones already published on Thingiverse later.

I think that it will most probably need to be reinforced here and there, i have had no time for real life testing. (still missing CVD:s…) Also other parts of the car need some attention aswell expecially the servo saver and central diff housing which was designed in a hurry… :wink:

(Mike Creuzer) #5

A quick glance looked like most of the parts are strong in the ‘right’ directions based on the propensity for z-de-lamination.

I’d been mulling embedding pin holes through printed parts with what would look like nut and bolt holes on either edge and filling that with epoxy to form for lack of better terms, epoxy rivits. Then I thought, pop rivits. Quick, easy, cheap.

A few crashes should quickly reveal where gussets and such need to be added to the models to strengthen the parts.