Only this community would understand why getting first movement from a project like this

Only this community would understand why getting first movement from a project like this feels so awesome!

This OX its table, enclosure and wiring has been months in the making since many shop projects found their way to the front of the line ahead of this baby.

The careful planning might have been worth it as everything is turning the right direction the first time on …

This is a large format OX from SMW3D controlled by tinyG and Chillipepper.

I have some reading to do to find these answers but if you know off the top of your head I’ll value the help.

  1. During jogging does the tinyG recognize the end stops as limits if they are wired and configured correctly? Clearly mine do not stop motion when jogging.

  2. What is the best way to test if the end stops are working?

This must have been worth to wait for the long awaited baby to come. I am happy to see the results, as tracking the whole building process G+ was really interesting experience.

I would recommend to connect limit switches using NC (normally closed) configuration and use optocouplers between the switch and TinyG. With this setup I never had an accidential machine stop during job, not from the stepper motors nor the spindle. I use LTV-827 optocouplers and they work fine with 3.3V on TinyG side.

As a first test of the limit switch I would disconnect stepper motors, run a job and trigger each switch manually to see if TinyG will recognize switch state change. Next, do the same with motors ON and slow feed rate, keep your eyes on the machine and your hand on E-STOP.

My set up is as Sebastian has mentioned. Limit switches prevent a crash with my OX. You can also use soft or virtual stops. I forget what they are actually in tinyG but I believe it only works if you have a constant zero that you work from. For instance if you always zero and the center of the work table or at the bottom left corner. Then you can set a virtual stop, at least that’s my understanding, I’ve never actually used it.

@sszafran thanks. You have isolated the switches from the tinyG with opto-isolators, clever :). That would also help my wiring rats nest. Do you have a schematic and PCB you are willing to share? Otherwise I will put that on my to-do list.
Do you know if end stop switches set up as limit switches are active during jogging? Can’t find an answer anywhere in the docs.

@donkjr ​ I haven’t put the schematics on any website yet (will consider it soon), but if you send me your email address, I’ll send you the file. I already texted you via Hangout.

Congrats, looks awesome.