One thing I was thinking of,

One thing I was thinking of, everyone uses 1piece wheels and glues the tires on. Why not go back to something like the older Associated 3-piece wheel styles. I was also thinking the right design might be easy to print. Wonder if I have any left in my storage bins for reference…

Those were a pain in the __.

My 1.9 beadlock wheel or are you referring to the associated 3 piece?

The associated ones , were replaced by one piece for good reason. (I raced back when that happened) So to expand on that. I raced offroad , my first car was an AE gold pan. Basically you couldnt corner nearly as well with the non one piece wheels. They would grab and either rip out of the bead, which creates little bundles of rubber (a thick spot) this makes your car run really poorly. Superglue is much more reliable.

Ah, I was wondering if you’d tried mine and they didn’t work out for you.

Not yet. Im actually still debating on if I care or not about a ‘purist’ approach. I really dont want a car somewhere between an AE truck and a radioshack special, I already have a few gas trucks. Im debating if I want to go more the route of buy an AE trans on ebay and make use of the good parts that have developed over the last 20 years. Trans, diff , tierods, ball cups, etc. Once I have more than 1 mo printing Im going to make something, the question is if I make this, the tc one on thingyverse, or just cad out replacement parts for my AE trucks.

Oh, I raced all AE gear ~15yrs ago on dirt, asphalt, clay oval. I still have a surprising amount in storage bins. I loved the 3 piece but totally agree they where hard to get the tires balanced and even on those wheels. I definitely remember having them in a bin, just have to find them to try to come up with a design and post a pic.

No, I had’t seen those on thingiverse… Those are a few too many screws for what I was thinking. lol.

Someone just posted some for sales on eBay… but I’m sure not paying that price.