One of these things was 3D printed, most of you probably know which,

(Bracken Dawson) #1

One of these things was 3D printed, most of you probably know which, but to the uninitiated…

(James Nelson) #2

ABS smoothed?

(Bracken Dawson) #3

Yes, 20C for 2 hours.

(Off-grid Denmark) #4

What procedure did you use for smoothing it?

(Bracken Dawson) #5

I put it in a saleable HDPE sandwich box next to a tissue soaked in acetone for 2 hours.

(Michael Scholtz) #6

Ive had a pla one on my keyring for about a year now. Broke the 1st one when i sat on it second one when a key levered the key ring the last one I printed with a 45% fill and its rock solid. Ive never had joy from abs but it looks very good smoothed. A finish like this is the only thing that keeps me motivated to keep plugging away at abs.

(Niclas Öberg) #7

Do you have a link to the files?

(Bracken Dawson) #8


(Niclas Öberg) #9

Cool - I found some variations

(Mike Kelly) #10

After cold smoothing does it still have the “soft” exterior vapor smoothing does?

(Bracken Dawson) #11

@Mike_Kelly_Mike_Make Yes, takes about 2 days to return to a hard ABS surface.

(zunair safdar) #12

so well

(Michael Weber) #13

What do I need to know for acetone-smoothin abs/pla?

(Bracken Dawson) #14

PLA - no, not with acetone.

ABS - just put the thing in a waterproof sandwidch box with an acetone soaked tissue and watch it. No heat required. Remember it will continue to smooth for a while after being removed.

(Michael Weber) #15

Very nice, just put a piece of abs next to an acetone soaked tissue and watched it ‘swetting’ :wink:
I’m excited for the result!