One of the things I like most about my Rostock is just how damn

One of the things I like most about my Rostock is just how damn clean it all is. I haven’t ever seen another machine with wiring this hidden. Also - finally got endstops installed. Here’s a video of the rostock on the new delta branch quickhoming:

A friend from Hackerspace FFM and i are currently planning to build one each. It’s the movement as well as the simplicity of the build that intrigues me. I haven’t checked yet, how is software support (Firmware). What would you recommend?

Honestly, the big drawback from this design is that it can get wobbly at larger heights. Firmware is Marlin, and has recently had all the latest marlin changes merged into the branch. The Kossel is the new build, and it’s built with T-slot, though I knew about it, I still opted for 8mm rod, as it’s what I know and was easy to source.

I haven’t had the luxury of printing with this yet. I still need to build some sort of extruder system for it. I’ve never done a bowden setup, so I’m sure I’ve still got a bunch to learn. I do have to say the build was the easiest I have ever done.

Do anyone actually print repeatable and stable with Rostocks yet? I se a lot of almost, but not printed yet build.

Kossel is printing just fine. OG Rostock was printing just fine too. Mine will probably be printing as soon as I get the extruder gear - I have everything else required.

I’ve pen-drawn with mine and it’s completely fine. Repeatable, stable, no problems. It’s not a flawed design. It’s completely capable of laying down plastic satisfactorily. You can see in the video of mine, it’s moving, and it’s accurate. In fact, mine is slightly upgraded with Traxxas arms.

Here’s a pic of the kossel laying down plastic just fine: – many many others on the delta 3d printer google group are printing fine too.

Ok, found the group and subscribed :slight_smile:!forum/deltabot

@ThantiK Looks great! Deltas have this amazing movement about them although I must admit I have my doubts about its resolution / print quality and its such a noisy machine! My Bowden extruder is still not working reliably yet… wish there were more of those lightweight steppers out there so we could just slap a normal direct drive extruder on the carriage.

Hope to build one next year :slight_smile: