One born every minute!

For $18.66 plus tax, you can own the item below!

From the creators of Make Magazine comes the Maker’s Notebook. Put your own ideas, diagrams, calculations & notes down in these 150 pages of engineering graph paper. We’ve also included 20 bonus pages of reference material, from useful stuff like electronics symbols, resistor codes, weights and measures, basic conversions and more, to really useful stuff like the amount of caffeine in different caffeinated beverages and how to say “Hello, World!” in various computer languages. The covers of this hardcover book are printed in cyan “Maker” blue with a white grid embossed front and back. Grab one today!


Here is similar item for reference. $5.29


Omg I want that book really bad, but not bad enough to buy it for myself :frowning: or even the graph from amazon for $5 goodwill usually has them for .99 and I have 2 notebooks of graph and I am happy

Theres a ton of value there though. Would be REALLY REALLY NICE!

The engineering 20 extra reference has to be some good stuff. Also that is a hard cover book you also are getting 150 blank graph insteaf od the 100. Gotta be really nice!!!